Updates: April 2022
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In this article, discover all of our key changes released in April 2022.

Some features may not be visible to you based on your user role or plan.


  • Custom tags: An Export button has been added.

  • Export Billing Report: A Fixed cost field has been added.

  • Export Menu Items: Availability, TimeSnoozed, and TimesSnoozed fields have been added.

  • Menu items: You are now able to search by a partial PLU or name.

  • Revenue breakdown: Tax Total has been added.

Delivery Manager App

  • Orders: Multiple channels can now be selected in the filter.


  • Editor: A new Reset Menu Products option has been made available in the More button allowing you to remove all overridden values. (Learn more)

  • Publishing: A new Publish All Active Menus button has been added to push all active menus across active channels.

  • Publishing: The interface for accounts with many brands has been improved.

  • Scheduling (Opening hours): Enterprise customers now have the ability to make bulk changes to opening hours by choosing locations, channels, and custom tags. (Learn more)

Online Ordering

  • Online Ordering: A new design has been introduced and automatically applied to all sites.

  • Online Ordering: The visitor's browser language will be used while visiting your site.


  • Export Orders: Tax Total and Tax Computed fields are now available.


  • Operation reports: A Force sync button has been added to process product syncs that were initially failed to prevent too many products from being deleted. (Learn more)

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team.

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