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Uber Eats: Discounts and Promotions
Uber Eats: Discounts and Promotions
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To learn more about creating promotions on Uber Eats, it is best to discuss the options directly with your Uber Eats account manager (e.g., buy one get one free, free delivery, 10% off, a free item when you spend over £X).

Uber Eats sometimes offers a city/country-wide promotion and may ask restaurants to participate.

How Deliverect shows Uber Eats discounts

When a discount is applied to your customer's Uber Eats order, the balance needs to be reflected in your Deliverect order and subsequently in your POS. For some POS systems, you may need to set up a discount product. Please enquire with our support team before configuring Uber Eats promotions to ensure we correctly send the discount information to your POS.

The Discount Total field shows the discount applied to the order.

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