Uber Eats: Find Your UUID
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Your UUID is a unique ID for your Uber Eats store and can be found in two ways.

Your Uber Eats account manager

You can request the UUIDs of your stores from your Uber Eats account manager. Provide details to avoid receiving the UUID of another location if you have multiple. Adding the URL of the store(s) in the request always helps.

Your web browser

You can look in the page's source code to find the UUID.

Step 1. Go to your Uber Eats store, right-click, and select View Page Source.

Step 2. On the source page, find \u0022uuid\u0022:\u0022

Step 3. The UUID directly follows the search phrase and ends at \. In the example below, the UUID is 5c8c0826-02f5-4d10-a0f2-cc77e8c3223d.

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