Takeaway.com: Integration Overview
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With Deliverect's integration, receive orders from your Takeaway.com account and have them automatically sent to your POS.

  • Activation timeline: Takeaway.com integration will take on average 2-3 weeks.

How it works

  1. The customer places an order on Takeaway.com.

  2. Once accepted, the order is sent to Deliverect and your POS or Delivery Manager App.

When you do not accept the order in time, someone from Takeaway.com will call you to ask if you have received the order.

How to set up

Step 1. Provide the URL of your Takeaway.com store to your Deliverect account manager.

Step 2. Edit/add PLUs to your items in Takeaway.com to match those found in Deliverect (shown here). For restaurants in Belgium and the Netherlands, this has to be done by Takeaway.com. Your Deliverect account manager will request this.

Step 3. We will then reach out to Takeaway.com to link your account.

The Takeaway.com tablet will be no longer be connected after the integration with your POS. In addition, you will not be able to manage orders on T-connect (Takeaway.com box).

Menu management

As Takeaway.com does not currently support menu pushes, PLUs from your POS need to be added to your online menu. This article explains the process in full. It is necessary to manage your menu via Takeaway.com, which includes setting items out of stock and changing the opening time of your restaurant.

Order management

Information sent to Deliverect with orders

  • Order details

  • Pick-up time

  • Order notes

  • Delivery fee

  • Customer info

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