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Rappi: Integration Overview
Rappi: Integration Overview
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With Deliverect's integration, receive orders from your Rappi account and have them automatically sent to your POS. You are also able to manage your menu and much more.

  • Activation timeline: Rappi integration typically takes one week.

How it works

  1. The customer places an order on Rappi.

  2. The order is automatically accepted and sent to Deliverect and your POS (or Delivery Manager App).

Orders need to be accepted within four and half minutes. If the order is not accepted and Rappi does not receive any update within this timeframe, the store goes offline until further notice. The order will not be given to a Rappi driver. You'll need to ask Rappi to re-enable the store afterward.

How to set up

Step 1. Provide the URL of your Rappi store to your Deliverect account manager.


Step 2. Create your menu in Deliverect. Products must have images.

Step 3. Publish your menu.

  • Your menu must be completed prior to activation.

  • Once the menu is published, it will be in status AWAIT.

  • After it has been approved, it will be in the status SUCCESS.

Menus can be published that same day. If your menu is still in the AWAIT status and your request is urgent, please let you Deliverect account manager know. Rappi is not available to activate on Fridays.

Menu management

Each menu pushed to Rappi requires their approval before becoming available online. Also, Rappi do not currently allow alcoholic beverages to be sent from Deliverect.

Sent to Rappi with a menu push

  • Product mapping

  • Product name

  • Product snooze

  • Prices

  • Modifier/option groups

  • Modifiers/options

  • Images

  • Descriptions

Required to send a menu to Rappi

When necessary to push the menu online

  • Every time the menu is changed.

When not necessary to push the menu online

Order management

Information sent to Deliverect with orders

  • Order details

  • Pick-up time

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