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Postmates: Deliverect - Integration
Postmates: Deliverect - Integration
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What does the integration with Postmates entail?

  • You can manage your menu through Deliverect

    • After the integration is activated, all menu edits will be made from Deliverect

  • You can snooze products directly in Deliverect.

  • All orders will go through Deliverect to your POS

How does the integration work?

  1. The customer places an order on Postmates

  2. The order is auto-accepted, sent to your POS, and printed in the kitchen
    ** Note that even though the orders will automatically enter your POS, depending on your POS you might also have to accept it there.

What do you need to set up from the Deliverect platform?

  • Customer-facing URL for Postmates

  • Create a menu in Deliverect

  • Add a menu availability in Deliverect

Activation Timeline

  • Menu must be completed in Deliverect before requesting activation

  • Deliverect sends new activation requests to Postmates on Monday by 5:00PM EST

  • Postmates sends confirmation of menu to customer success agent for approval on Wednesday

  • Once the menu is approved, your activation will take place on Wednesday

Menu Management through Deliverect

What does the Postmates integration support?

  • Product mapping

  • Product name

  • Product images

  • Disabling products

  • Prices

  • Modifier/option groups

  • Modifiers/options

  • Descriptions

  • Availabilities of the menu

  • Category availabilities within the menu

  • Tags: allergens, vegan, alcohol, etc.
    **Note that it can take up to 5 minutes for the menu changes to be visible online.

  • Tabletless mode

  • Snoozing products

What doesn't the Postmates integration support?

  • Nested modifiers created in Deliverect

  • Multiple menus

  • Busy mode

  • Discounts

What is needed to be able to send my menu to Postmates

  • You must set availability (hours of operation) for your menu(s).

When do I need to push the menu (update the online version of the menu)?

  • With every menu change (new product, price change, naming convention, category, etc.)

  • With every availability change

Order management through Deliverect

Which information is sent to Deliverect with the order?

  • Order details

  • Pick-up time

  • Customer info (name only)

Which type of orders are supported?

  • Take-out orders

  • Delivery orders

  • Scheduled orders

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