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Just Eat: Create Your Menu (France)
Just Eat: Create Your Menu (France)
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Just Eat does not support menu publishing from Deliverect. You need to add the PLUs of your products to Just Eat. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Make sure your products are synced from your POS to Deliverect. This isn't required if you use the Delivery Manager App.

Step 3. Select Gérer mon menu.

Step 4. The PLUs are displayed in the No. column. Check if the PLUs for the items match the PLUs used in Deliverect. You can see them on the Products page.

If the PLUs for an item do not match, you may be able to edit the PLU yourself on Just Eat by selecting it in the No. column. If you are unable to do so, please reach out to Just Eat. They can change it for you or give you the ability to change PLUs yourself.

  • If a product is available in your Deliverect account but not listed in your Just Eat menu
    Contact Just Eat to add the item.

  • If a product is in your Just Eat menu but does not exist on Deliverect
    Add the product to your POS and perform a product sync from Deliverect (or add the product if you use the Delivery Manager App). If you no longer require the item, contact Just Eat to have it removed from the menu. Make sure that the PLUs match on Deliverect and Just Eat.

Step 5. If you made any changes, select the Enregistrer les modifications button.

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