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unTill: Configure Products
unTill: Configure Products
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In this article, learn how to create and set up a product with options and upsells in unTill. A reseller may do this for you.

Sales area settings

If the online menu is going to differ from the menu used in-house, create a new sales area.

In case a specific sales area is created, make sure all products are made available within that sales area. Select products/departments/option groups that should be available in the new sales area.

Price settings

By default, the normal price will be selected. In case you wish to set different prices for your online menu, you can create a new price category.

Now, update the products with the 'Online Price'. To do so, select the product ➜ 'double click' ➜ select 'Online Price' ➜ set the price ➜ press Ok button.


Step 1. Create products in unTill.

Step 2. Make the products available in the required sales area.

Step 3. Add the 'online price' if you wish to use a different price.

Step 4. Add options if needed (see below) and make them available in the sales area.

Some product types are not supported:

  • Combo menus

  • Products containing options with options attached to those options

    • E.g., Hamburger with Option 'Fries'. The option 'Fries' itself already has an option 'Sauce'. Those are three levels, something not currently supported. Only two levels are supported. Valid products would be a hamburger with a fries option and fries with a sauce option.

In Deliverect, you can add product images and product descriptions.

Option groups and options

In unTill, there are four types of option groups that are attachable to a product (item).

1. Must-have options (#1)

  • When a must-have option is attached to an item, you have to choose an option (minimum one: min=1).

  • You can attach as many must-have groups to a product/department as you wish.

  • Only link these types of option groups to the sales area if you want to add them to the menu.

  • If you have an option group 'Choose your toppings', please add the option 'No Toppings - €0'.

  • Note that you have a checkmark that sets the min=1 & max=1 for this option group. If you want to allow your customers to select more than one option for that group, you need to deactivate the checkbox and allow a different maximum amount.

If the product has a must-have option attached to it, know that you should also present the must-have option online. If you don't, orders will fail.

If they do not wish to add this option to the online menu, please remove it from the sales area.

2. Free options (#2)

  • When a must-have option is attached to an item, you do not have to choose an option (min = 0).

  • You can only add one free option group per product.

Free option groups do not need to be present in the online menu, since the customer is not obliged to make a choice. The POS therefore also does not expect an option of this group.

3. Supplements (#3)

  • When a supplement is attached to an item, you do not have to choose an option (min = 0).

  • Supplements are connected to a department, so they cannot be attached to an individual product.

  • You can only have one supplement group per department.

4. Condiments (#4)

  • Condiments do not have a price, so these are not supported.

You will see the type of option group for scenarios #1, #2, and #3 after synchronization with Deliverect.

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