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Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Accepting Orders
Lightspeed Restaurant L-Series: Accepting Orders
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When in Lightspeed, select the Takeout screen. This is the only screen in Lightspeed that you will have to use to handle all your online orders.

A user must always be logged in for orders to print.

Step 1. The Takeout screen is where all orders come in.

Step 2. The order status flow:

  • All orders come in New.

  • When the order is Accepted, the order will move to Accepted and be printed.

  • When you finalize the order, the order will be moved to Done, and only then will it be added to your daily revenue. If you leave orders open, the revenue will not be added to the daily report.

Step 3. Send accepts the order and will send the ticket to the kitchen to be printed (if Auto-print is turned off)

Step 4. Pay finalizes the orders.

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