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ICRTouch: Setup Information
ICRTouch: Setup Information
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Please reach out to your ICR Touch consultant, as they can retrieve this information for you.

How to get the API Key

Step 1. Log in to

Step 2. Select Webshop Advanced

Step 3. Edit Settings.

Step 4. Copy API Key (URL Will be

How to get the Site ID

Step 1. Log in to

Step 2. Go to Officewebplus

Step 3. Go to View Sites

Step 4. Match up the Site Name to the Side ID.

Price Type

Step 2. Go to products

Step 3. Confirm which Price Point products are on.

Step 4. If STD (likely) 1st @ Price. Then Select “Price”

Step 5. If 2nd @ Price, then select Price l2. Etc

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