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ICRTouch: Allow Products to Be Synced to Deliverect
ICRTouch: Allow Products to Be Synced to Deliverect
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To properly sync your products to Deliverect, you need to select the items you will be using.

Step 1. Log in to with your credentials. Select Products in the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the product.

Step 3. Navigate to the Webshop Options tab.

Step 4. Activate the Show on webshop option.

Step 5. Once this is activated for all products, log in to your Deliverect account and sync your products.

Activate multiple products simultaneously

To activate more than one product at the same time, access:

Step 1. Select Webshop.

Step 2. Select Webshop Range Programming.

Step 3. Use the filters to select which products to activate. Tick Show on webshop.

Step 4. Select the Submit button. The changes will now appear on Don't forget to sync your products.

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