Translate a Menu
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Need to translate your menu to one or multiple languages? Learn how by following the steps in this article.

Some delivery channels require menus to be fully translated before they are published.

Step 1. Select Menus in the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the Edit button for the menu you want to translate.

Select the dropdown at the top of the page to choose the language to view your menu in. This will help you find missing translations for that language.

Black text indicates that the item is available in the selected language Ⓐ, and untranslated text uses a light grey color Ⓑ. Use this visual clue to aid you in finding missing translations.

Need to check if a menu is fully translated or add/update a few translations? If the language is selected at the top of the page, all edits you make to your menu and products are only for that language.

To view and edit only translatable fields, select the Edit translation buttons. A window similar to the one below will show.

Simply edit the fields for each language and select the Save translations button.

When making changes to a menu, don't forget to save it and publish the changes to your channels.

Read the sections below to learn how to translate different parts of your menu.

Translate all category names

Select the View translations button at the top right of the page.

Translate menu name and description

Select the Edit translations button above your menu's name.

Translate category items

To add translations for each item inside a category, select the ⋯ button and choose Edit translations .

Translate modifiers, upsells, and variants

Select the ⋯ button for the item containing the modifier, upsell, or variant and choose Edit product .

Scroll down and expand the groups to find the item to translate. Select the ⋯ button and choose Edit translation .

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