Add Ordering to Your Website
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Allow customers to order directly from your website by adding a widget.

Your menu appears when the widget is selected. The customer can then place an order.

Install code

Step 1. Log in to your social dashboard, hover over Sales channels in the sidebar, and select Website Widget.

Step 2. Add the code to your website.

- Paste this code before the closing body tag (</body>) of your website.

- Use this code when you want a link or button to open the ordering system.

Does someone else manage your website? If so, select the Send instructions button and enter their email address. They will receive these steps.

Widget customization

Go to the Widget customization tab to change its appearance. You change the following:

  • Call-to-action on the button

  • Message title

  • Message description

  • Icon image

Select the Save Settings button after making any adjustments.

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