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Activate and Manage a Loyalty Program for Social Channels
Activate and Manage a Loyalty Program for Social Channels
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Encourage customers to order with you again by rewarding them with credit that they can use for future purchases.

Visit this page to learn more about Deliverect Social Ordering. If you are an existing Deliverect customer, you can request access by selecting Social Ordering in the sidebar and then selecting the Get social media ordering button .

Step 1. Log in to Deliverect Social Ordering at

Step 2. In the sidebar, select Marketing and then Loyalty.

Step 3. Configure your loyalty program. Select the Enable loyalty button once ready.


  • Cashback (%): Set how much credit customers receive with each order (e.g., 10% of an order totaling €15 gives the customer €1.50 credit to use on future orders).


Define maximum limits when redeeming credits. The lowest value is always applied at checkout.

  • Redeemable (%): Set how much of an order can be discounted using credits (in percentage).

  • Max. redeemable value: Set the maximum discount value for an order using credits.

Loyalty welcome bonus

Activate the Welcome bonus credit toggle to incentivize customers to create an account.

  • Credited value: Specify how much credit they will receive.

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