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Deliverect Online Ordering: Configure Multiple Bank Accounts
Deliverect Online Ordering: Configure Multiple Bank Accounts
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Need to add another bank account for receiving payments from a Deliverect Online Ordering website? Follow the steps in this article to learn how.

If you have not yet created an initial payment gateway, first follow the steps for Adyen in this article.

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Locations in the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the More button and choose Payment profiles.

Step 3. Select the + Payment profile button.

Step 4. Select the Add Gateway button.

Step 5. To use a new bank account, leave the Account field as Create new and select the Next button.

Step 6. Enter the bank account settings. The required fields vary per country. Select the Create & Continue button once ready.

Step 7. Select the Store dropdown and choose the store to use for this bank account or leave it as Create new to configure one.

If the Store dropdown was left as Create new, provide information about the store and then select the Create & Continue button.

Step 8. Select the Add button.

Step 9. Is a Pending status displayed for the gateway? Select it to provide the required additional documents and information. After doing so, verification of your payment gateway will start; you can expect this to take up to a few days. You can re-open this window to check the current status.

Repeat these steps to add additional bank accounts.

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