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Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series (Kounta): Activate Pass-Thru Printing
Lightspeed Restaurant O-Series (Kounta): Activate Pass-Thru Printing
Updated over a week ago

What is Pass-Thru Printing?

This feature will allow your online orders to go straight to the printer connected to your POS, meaning that your staff won't need to manually accept orders.

If the Pass-Thru register is offline, we will retry to send the order three times. If the final time fails, we will send the order through without Pass-Thru Printing activated to ensure you don’t miss any orders.

How to activate

As a customer of Kounta, you can activate this option yourself by going to Select the Enable button.

You can also find it by going to the Features page and looking for Pass-thru Printing.

Make sure to notify your Kounta or Deliverect account manager if you want this feature, so we can activate it on our side as well.

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