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DMA: Update the Opening Hours of Your Location
DMA: Update the Opening Hours of Your Location
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Using the Delivery Manager App, you are able to set or change the opening hours for your location. Learn how with this article.

This functionality is also available on and is explained in a separate article.

Step 1. Open your Delivery Manager App and tap on the Settings button.

Step 2. Go to the Location section in the sidebar.

Step 3. Your current opening hours for this location are displayed. To update them, tap on Change opening hours.

Step 4. Days can be toggled on and off and the opening hours adjusted.

If there is a break in service during the day, add additional opening/closing times. A warning will appear if they overlap. Tapping on the trash icon will remove any unwanted times.

Step 5. Tap on the Update button once finished. The opening hours for your location have now been updated.

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