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Use Zapier to Automatically Export Orders
Use Zapier to Automatically Export Orders
Updated over a week ago

For an automated export of Reports, please follow the steps below

Step 1. Sign up to Zapier with any package above Starter.

Step 2. Add a Zap that auto-generates a webhook URL (shortcut to making this).

Step 3. Add a second step and choose an application where data will be sent as a new row (e.g., Google Sheets).

Step 4. Send the auto-generated webhook URL created in Step 1. to our support team or your Deliverect account manager. You can specify the order events you want to receive. This can be when statuses change to Prepared, Pickup ready, or Finalized. Alternatively, you can request to receive all orders.

We will then implement reporting webhooks and link them to your account.

Step 5. Make a test order in Deliverect and test the trigger.

Step 6. Once you have triggered test data, match the data to columns in your spreadsheet.

You can apply any formula, pivot tables, etc. to present the data as you would like.

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