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What’s an Online Order Aggregator? Here's Why Your Restaurant Needs One
What’s an Online Order Aggregator? Here's Why Your Restaurant Needs One
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During a typical service, your kitchen might field orders from DoorDash, Uber Eats, Glovo, TakeAway, and several other sales channels. With orders coming from multiple sources, how can your staff keep all these orders straight and ensure that operations continue to run smoothly, especially during holidays and other peak times?

That’s where online order aggregators can help.

What’s an online order aggregator?

Also called an order integrator, Deliverect is onethis tool automatically aggregates all your online orders from different sources. All your orders print in one location, so you don’t have to run multiple systems or manually enter orders into your POS. Instead of guessing which app your customers are using, you can be on all of them—and reach more customers—without the extra hassle of managing each one separately.

Setting up is a breeze. Deliverect has over 400 integration partners and counting, so connecting your existing digital food tools—like point-of-sale systems (POS), stock management tools, online ordering websites, and delivery platforms has never been easier.

Why does my restaurant or dark kitchen need an order aggregator?

Order integrators help chain restaurants manage orders at multiple locations in a simple and streamlined fashion.

  1. Manage labor costs. Manually accepting and managing each online order as it comes in is time-consuming for your staff. Order aggregators like Deliverect automate this process, taking orders and sending them to the relevant printer in the kitchen.

    Restaurants using Deliverect, on average, report a 25% reduction in labor costs.

  2. Reduce human error. When running multiple systems in separate siloes, it’s easy to make order errors or miss an order, ruining the customer’s experience

    Restaurants using Deliverect can reduce food order errors by up to 80%.

  3. Easy menu management is valuable for restaurants and cloud kitchens of all sizes, especially those with multiple locations. Update menus with a few clicks. Sync all your products, stay on top of your inventory and quickly update menus across multiple channels.

  4. Access valuable analytics and reporting. Order integrators can automatically generate visual reports with sales data across your channels.

Bottom line: An order integrator is critical to keep things running efficiently if you use third-party delivery apps or if you also have your own online ordering system. It not only prints all orders in one location and reduces order errors, but it can provide valuable metrics for planning your next move. To close it off with another great benefit: your staff has never been happier.

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