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Lightspeed: Que se passe-t-il après votre mise en ligne avec Uber Eats?
Lightspeed: Que se passe-t-il après votre mise en ligne avec Uber Eats?
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  • When a new order arrives, your Uber Eats tablet displays a flashing green screen and you can accept the order.

  • When you accept the order, it will automatically appear in Lightspeed, in your "Take Out" view under "New" (1 and 2).

  • The rest of the flow depends on what you are used to in your restaurant: you can send the order to your kitchen; already print the receipt or change it first (3).

  • At the end, you will have to press “pay” (4). You will be taken to the next screen, where you can select "finalize" in the lower right corner. The “Uber Eats API” payment method will be automatically selected.


Please consider the following:

If you want to update the menu, do the following:

  • Add / edit product in Lightspeed

  • Synchronize products with Deliverect

  • Add / make changes in menu builder in Deliverect

  • Tap the new menu

  • DO NOT make changes directly on your Uber Eats tablet or on the Uber Eats web portal. Your MA should also know that they should not make any changes in the event of an integration.

  • Items currently listed as out of stock will be available again after the menu push. You will need to indicate on the Uber Eats tablet that they are out of stock.

  • It will no longer be possible for customers to add an additional note with their order.

  • The integration does not support small symbols which indicate that the dishes are vegetarian, vegan, etc.

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