Updates: May 2022
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In this article, discover all of our key changes released in May 2022.

Some features may not be visible to you based on your user role or plan.


  • Added fixed costs tile.

  • Added fixed costs to the revenue breakdown graph.

  • Added compare by custom tag to locations, channel, and menu item views.

  • Orders: Added an Error rates graph to show the frequency of order issues.

Delivery Manager App (DMA)

  • Improved performance.

  • Snooze items: Added an option to snooze items until the next day (iOS only).

  • Tablet profiles: An Allow canceling orders setting has been added.


  • Delivery has been renamed to Dispatch.


  • Added Fixed Cost field to location export.

  • Moved the Busy Mode button out of the More dropdown.


  • Optimization: Removed test limit of 3.

  • Preview: Calories are now displayed.

  • Publishing: Renamed Update Active Menus button to Publish All Active Menus.

  • Scheduling (Overview): Improved the calendar interface.

Online Ordering

  • Added the ability to set a max pick-up amount.

  • Improved pick-up/delivery address clarity in confirmation emails.

  • Reduced the size of the cookie window.

Operation reports

  • Operation reports: The Driver Update operation report type has been renamed to Courier Update.

  • Operation reports (Snooze Export): A Location field has been added.

  • Operation reports: Timestamps are now shown for each log message.


  • Filter: A time button has been added to allow for more precise searching.

  • Filter: The Location filter is now sorted alphabetically.


  • Clicking on a PLU will now copy it to your clipboard.

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team.

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