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Updates: January 2023
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In this article, discover all of our key changes released in January 2023.

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Deliverect Online Ordering

  • Tracking: Order tracking is provided to your customers for delivery orders (if Dispatch is active for the channel). Learn more.


  • This new page provides you the ability to finish setting up your account, view key stats about your business, learn how to add locations or brands, and find ways to receive answers to your questions. Currently only available for new self-serve customers.


  • In the Delivery Manager App section of a location, the Ignore order statuses toggle is renamed to Allow order status to be managed by DMA only.


  • Optimizations page: When creating an optimization, items recently added to a menu are now selectable in the Select a product dropdown.

  • Preview: All validation issues are now shown.


  • Export: Busy mode reports are now exportable by clicking on the Export button.

  • Report: Channel names are shown when viewing a busy mode report.


  • Export: It is now possible to filter on channel, order status, and custom tags when exporting orders.


  • This page is now found by clicking on Operations in the sidebar.


  • Edit: A bug is fixed that caused unsaved changes to a product to be lost when adding product specifications.

  • Edit: A warning will be shown when a product has unsaved changes.

  • Edit: It is now possible to revert changes made to the order of modifiers/upsells inside a product.

  • Edit: The behavior when sorting products is improved.

  • Edit: When reverting all changes for a global product, a new option is available to also revert all location-level changes.

  • Overview: When a search produces no results, a clearer message is shown.

  • Price levels: Does your POS use price levels? You can now view them directly within Deliverect. Learn more.


  • Activation: New self-serve customers can fully set up select channels chosen during account creation.

  • Performance: Various changes are implemented to increase browsing speed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team.

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