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Pulse: Store Performance
Pulse: Store Performance
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Find out how well your stores are performing.

How to access

Log in to Pulse and select Store performance in the sidebar.

The page is split into two tabs: Insights and Overview.



Select the Filter button to change the date range.

MPO score

Your MPO score (MarketPlace Optimization) is calculated using your downtime, delivery time, menu audit, and rating. Improving one of these metrics will increase your MPO score.

The graph at the bottom shows how your MPO score has progressed over time.

Average position and downtime

Discover the average position and downtime of your stores for each hour. Use the dropdown options at the top to change between the following settings:

  • Avg position

  • Downtime

    • All Offline Reasons

    • Closed: By Restaurant

    • Closed: No Drivers


Search and filter

Use the search box to find a specific location or brand. Select the Filter button to change the date range.

Store Details

A table shows the metrics of each store.

Selecting a store provides graphs showing how the following metrics changed over time.

You can change the metrics shown by selecting the dropdown.

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