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Pulse: Live View
Updated over a week ago

The live view page shows you your stores' latest stats and insights.

How to access

Log in to Pulse and go to the Live view tab.



Here you can find your current MPO score and the factors that affect it.

Account insights

Insights show you ways you can improve the performance of your stores.


The Stores table provides you with the following metrics for each store:

  • Insights: Total number of actionable insights

  • Marketplace: The delivery channel

  • Position: The place your store appears on the marketplace

  • Delivery time: The current delivery time and the average

  • Availability: Whether the store is open or closed

  • Menu score: Based on the quality of your menu

  • Review score: The current review score and total review count

  • Categories: The categories used by the store

  • Promotion: Any promotions currently running

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