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Pulse: Add an Uber Eats Channel
Pulse: Add an Uber Eats Channel
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A user needs to be created on your Uber Eats Manager portal to allow for the management of ad campaigns.

Invite user

Step 1. Follow the steps in this article from Uber Eats about creating a user. Use [email protected] as the email address and assign the Manager role. Repeat this step for each store. Your Uber Eats account manager can assist with doing this in bulk.

Step 2. Notify your Deliverect contact to allow them to finalize the setup.

  • Repeat these steps if you add new locations in the future.

  • Stores are operational the following day.

Activate ads management

Check current settings

Visit your Uber Eats Manager portal to find out if ads management is already active for each store.

Request activation

Contact your Uber Eats account manager if ads management is inactive. This step is necessary to ensure all functionalities are available for your marketing needs.


Once ads management is activated, confirm that the feature is operational by checking your store settings or asking your Uber Eats account manager.

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