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WooCommerce: Generate the Keys to Connect
WooCommerce: Generate the Keys to Connect
Updated over a week ago

These steps can be followed to generate the necessary keys to link your Deliverect account to your WooCommerce site.

Step 1. The consumer key and secret key must be generated in the admin panel of your WordPress site ( Once logged in, navigate to WooCommerce and then Settings ②.

Step 2. Select the Advanced tab and then REST API . Select the Add key button.

Step 3. Complete the following fields:

  • Description: This is to identify the purpose of the keys. “Deliverect”, for example.

  • User: Which user should generate the keys.

  • Permissions: Read/Write.

Step 4. Once generated, copy and share both keys with your Deliverect account manager.

Shop URL

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress site and choose WooCommerce , followed by Status .

Step 2. Copy the content of the WordPress address (URL) fields and paste it into the Shop URL field on Deliverect.

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