WooCommerce: Limitations
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WooCommerce has some limitations and features not available compared to other order platforms.

Items limit

The integration between Deliverect and WooCommerce only supports a limit of 100 item products. When trying to push a menu larger than this limit from Deliverect to WooCommerce, it will fail.

Modifier groups

Snoozing functionality is not supported with modifier groups.

For any single menu product, you can only attach four modifier groups. Within each modifier group, there can also only be a max of five modifier options. For any single product, you cannot have more than one modifier group with the same name attached. Modifiers will also display as a dropdown option as opposed to a checkmark selection, therefore only one modifier per group is selectable for each product.

A workaround to the above limitations is to create separate modifier groups with different names so that the customer can then mix and match their selection (e.g., “Sauces 1” and “Sauces 2”).

Plugin support

We support the following additional plugins:

  • WooCommerce Order Delivery

  • Iconic Delivery Slots

We can not guarantee other plugins to function correctly. We highly recommend first creating a backup of your WordPress before making any changes.

Supported versions

We only support WooCommerce versions 3.5.x or higher and WordPress versions 4.4 or higher.

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