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Link Channel Promotions to Your POS
Link Channel Promotions to Your POS
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Add your channel promotions to your Deliverect account to allow order discounts to be correctly mapped to your POS.

This feature is not activated by default and is only available for Zonal POS. Please contact your Deliverect account manager or our support team for details.

Access the page

After logging in to your Deliverect account, click on Locations and then Promotions in the sidebar.

Create a promotion

Step 1. Click on the + Promotion button.

Step 2. Enter details about the promotion.

  • Promotion name: Enter a name that describes the promotion (e.g. "December holiday discount")

  • Channel: Choose the channel type. Do note that not all channels are currently supported.

  • Channel promotion ID (optional): Enter the unique ID provided by the channel.

  • Promotion type: Select the type used by the channel promotion. The types vary based on what is supported by the channel.

  • Value (if applicable): Enter the amount applied to the promotion (e.g. "10" when using the "Order percent off" promotion type would mean 10% off the order).

  • POS promotion ID: Enter the unique ID provided by your POS.

Step 3. Click on the Save button.

Edit a promotion

Need to adjust some information? Click on the pencil icon. All fields are editable except the channel type.

Delete a promotion

To delete a promotion, simply click on the trash icon.

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